“I created URBAN FITNESS 911 to address the disparity of

health, fitness, and academic skills among teenagers in low

income communities. I believe that an intensive approach that strengthens body, mind, and soul works best to close this gap. 

Urban Fitness 911 is a total wellness program that emphasizes lifelong exercise, healthy cooking and nutrition, academic tutoring, and inspirational experiences with amazing people and places in the community. We have already seen how this comprehensive model can work. By giving these students respect, focused attention, and new experiences, they start to see who they can be. Please join me in changing lives one at a time. I am excited to work with you!”   

Dr. Veronica Everett-Boyce

Program Initiatives

High School


Urban Fitness 911 High School Program is a six-month total wellness program that offers, fitness, nutrition, life coaching, tutoring, and exposure to experiences that high school students in low-income communities would not have had otherwise. UF 911 targets an underserved high school and begins to work with its administration to identify individuals who could benefit from its service offerings.  



Common Ground brings together 100 high school students, 50 students from King Drew Magnet High School, a title one school with over 85 percent socioeconomically disadvantaged students and 50 students from The Buckley School, an affluent private school. Students will engage in workshops bi-weekly for six months to establish common ground through activities that focus on the world seen through each other’s eyes. Trained facilitators that are experienced in youth development, create a safe environment for sharing and honest reflection. These interactions create a sense of unity and community that empowers children from all backgrounds to grow.

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